The Gospel of Mark Study

A few weeks ago I lost a very dear friend of mine, John. One of his life’s ambitions was taking a second look through the book of Mark. Sadly, my dear friend only made it to chapter four of the study. He had a postgraduate degree in Divinity so he was quite knowledgeable on theology. His writing was purely academic in nature but his arguments and his own commentary were creative and made one think. I can remember the joy of seeing every new posting of the study.

With that said, I am thinking about making a study of my own and posting it here. I think he would have liked to see my thoughts on the text of Mark, plus, the fun of throwing ideas out there and pondering on them. Although one should not expect scholarly work out of me because I am just a person with little schooling in theology.

Anyway, I need to get my hand on some study material and see if I can actually make a go of it. I am hoping to have fun with this and hopefully learn a great deal from it. I will say though, I am pretty progressive when it comes to theology, so the most heretical commentary could be written. You’ve Been Warned!!!


5 responses to “The Gospel of Mark Study

  1. Oooh! Heresy! 🙂

  2. Looking forward to this if you choose to do it! 🙂 Sometimes, I think the people with little background in theology have the best things to say!

    My friend is actually going on a retreat of sorts with the chapel group from our school [which I quit going to, can explain more later if you’d like] to do a week-long study of Mark in Alberta. So I’d definitely love your thoughts on the book, too.

  3. James, what a wonderful idea! I hope you give it a go.

  4. This sounds pretty intense, and hardly relaxing after all your road running and putting these miles in. But God draws us to things, doesn’t he. For whatever reasons-it’s his plan. I hope you find it enlightening and spiritual in good ways and it helps you cope with the loss of your dear and learned friend xx

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