Friday Ramblings

Just when you thought James had given on his blog, he is back. Hi everyone, I don’t know what to say, I took a little hiatus yet again. Life seems pretty easy, but family, work, exercising, keeping up with email and private chats with friends consumes a lot of my time. I can’t promises that I will be better a posting but I would like to write some things and keep my blog going.

Health – Boy, my asthma is something. Darn thing can turn bad on me in a moments notice. I have a half written post on last weeks lung issues that I will be posting soon. I figured that posting my lung adventures would maybe help someone struggling with their asthma, especially adult-onset asthmatics.

So far, this week has been much better.

Walking – Whew, it has been a real struggle. I have been training for a 10k for the last 5 weeks and even though I have done well with following the mileage schedule. I have yet to see the fruits of my labor, basically speed. The key to this is energy level and that is just something that I don’t have most of the time. I suspect the down-turns in my health play a contributing factor in this. No complainants really, I am grateful for what I can do, but I do get frustrated from an athlete perspective.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up. Even though some might find my workouts excessive for a person with my health issues, it does pay dividends when my health does go away. I am able to function fairly well until my pesky lungs come out of their state of funk. So, I do enjoy being an athlete and racing events like my fellow athletes. Yeah, I might come in almost last, but that is how it goes. I am very thankful to be this active and I rarely take it for granted.

Anywho, that’s about it.

Please Take Care of yourselves!!! Your health is such a precious thing!

Have a great weekend everyone!


8 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Don’t overdo it and keep healthy.

  2. I’m happy to hear you’re still keeping up the working out. Reach for the stars 🙂

  3. Nice to see you! 🙂

    You know my spiel. LOL

  4. I’ve always meant to ask you-are you a race walker and a runner or solely a race walker/walker? And did you race before you got your asthma diagnosis and had you had any allergic history or atopic asthma history as a child or did this all come out of the blue?

    Maybe you might share some of that in your post about adult onset asthma. I keep hearing of more people with it and it is a huge thing. Mine had been severe at times through my childhood-20s-30s but didn’t turn so super nasty until suddenly when it was triggered by we think a virus, in 2005.

    Keep up the good work xx

    • Thanks Sus, to answer your question. I am just walking a modified racewalking technique. However, lately, I have just been walking at a comfortable pace and trying not to force the issue with my lungs. No, when I started, I was just wanting to walk for fitness because I was getting out of shape. I was thinking if I wanted to play outdoor sports with my boys, I better get off the sofa and get active. I was hooked after doing my first 5k. I did want to start run/walking but this darn asthma hit me and I am lucky to just walk long distance at this point. Plus, I am not a very good runner and walking is less brutal on my joints.

      Ok, I will write a post on my adult-onset asthma and answer your great questions. xx

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