Friday Ramblings

Geesh, where did the week go? It has been a busy week for me. Some minor computer problems plagued most of week. It is my job to keep key systems functioning at 100% availability and it becomes difficult when on of the key systems has hardware issues. Lucky, we do have failover capability and we were able to remain at 100% availability to keep my company going. Unfortunately, when only running on one host server, it diminished quite a bit our processing capability. We made it through and that was a good thing. Sure was a big headache for me though, although I did learn a few things that were very helpful for the future.

Health – Breathing fairly well, this has been a good week. My energy levels still stink but I am getting by. I do catch myself laboring to breathe sometimes. Yeah, sometimes I don’t realize that I am breathing pretty crappy. So I end up surprising myself.

PFs have been hanging out in the 80s (from personal best) and that is pretty normal for this year so far. I have not been in the 90s since my exacerbation in January. It is interesting how my PFs are tracking the same down turn as my FEV1 are showing. In November of last year my FEV1 was 79% and 3 months later in February, it had dropped to 71%. I just had a Spirometry two weeks ago and it is still at 71%. On the bright side, it is much better than my August 2010 baseline testing of 54%.

Walking – I am holding my own here too. This is a mileage cutback week, I love these easier weeks between the hard weeks. I finally signed up for the 10k at the end of May. $19 for the race and with a tech shirt. I thought that was really reasonable.

Anyway, I have some posts coming and will write a post on my adult-onset asthma, per a request from one of my readers.

Take Care Everyone!!!


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  1. Good luck in the race!

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