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I Got Stabbed – Finally

Yes, you heard me right, I finally got stabbed in the arm and fulfilled my doctor’s blood-work orders. Here is some links in the continuing saga of my blood work struggles (You’re Not Jabbing Me, Grrr…They want to jab me again, Blood Work Attempt…Fail).

Okay, at my last doctor visit, after a long talk with him on this whole blood-work mess, he finally got that I have a problem and prescribed me Lorazepam to see if that helped. If you think this is the end of the story, think again. I have a serious phobia of getting stabbed be needles. I spent the last two months (with medication in hand) trying everything I could to not get my blood-work done. Yeah, I had a great excuse. The medication makes me really loopy and tired so I can’t drive to the clinic. The only way to have it done is on the weekend. Well, it has been to busy every weekend.

Last week I received a call from the pulmonologist office asking about the blood-work and reminding me that I have to get it done. Plus, my wife has been on me and telling me the excuses needed to stop. So, I finally broke down and told my wife that I will do it Saturday. The medication needs to be taken two hours before getting my blood-work done. I was really apprehensive about taking the pill. I have no idea how this thing is going to make me feel. After fretting a little, I swallowed the tinny pill and we headed out the door.

I kind of messed up and took the pill just as we were leaving. That meant we would have to kill some time before going over to the clinic. I am glad that I did though, this stuff packs a punch and I ended up following asleep after I was done at the clinic. Although, we did get lunch in and some much-needed shopping in before I passed out.

Now, for the clinic experience. I was not as nervous as I usually am but don’t get me wrong, the drug was not totally sedating me. I still had to reach inside myself and be brave. I signed in and waited a few minutes for the tech to arrive. The tech was a nice lady, but I am still fuzzy on what she looked like and said. I was kind of in my own world, so to speak. Boy was I hesitant, I didn’t want to give her my arm. Finally, I got up the nerve and surrendered. I covered my eyes tightly with my other hand and just let things happen.

Afterwards, the common rush of nervous release hit me and I had to sit for a few minutes. Even though the drugs were supposed to suppress my anxiety, it didn’t do that great a job. I still had a ton of nervous tension.

Anyway, it was a success. It wasn’t pretty but it’s done. Next time (I don’t think this is going to end, thanks asthma) I am going to ask for 1mg more because it didn’t take near enough of the edge off. Yes, even though I got it done, nothing has changed. I am still frightened beyond belief of doing it again.


Friday Ramblings

Hi Y’all, I am still here. It has been a busy week. Having two little ones running around the house keeps me busy.

I have spent most of my free time reading, blogs mostly. I have been fascinated by Muslim blogs. Yeah, there might be a culture gap between us, but I enjoy the human aspect of what they write. Here in the US, I listen to a lot of Christian radio, more than I actually should. Week-in and week-out, I hear how Muslims want to take-over the world and oppress it. Yes, I suspect that there is some that feel that way, but there are billions of Muslims out there, most don’t think alike. I have found that they are just like me, struggling to live and be spiritual. Honestly, I wish I had a good friend who is a Muslim.

Health – I have forgotten all about how the humidity affects my lungs, so I having to adjust to their complaints. Since the weather has changed to more humid summer days, I haven’t been feeling that well. Nothing bad though, I have been pretty crappy all year so far, so no big deal. I will hang in there.

Anywho, have a great weekend…