Friday Ramblings

Hi Y’all, I am still here. It has been a busy week. Having two little ones running around the house keeps me busy.

I have spent most of my free time reading, blogs mostly. I have been fascinated by Muslim blogs. Yeah, there might be a culture gap between us, but I enjoy the human aspect of what they write. Here in the US, I listen to a lot of Christian radio, more than I actually should. Week-in and week-out, I hear how Muslims want to take-over the world and oppress it. Yes, I suspect that there is some that feel that way, but there are billions of Muslims out there, most don’t think alike. I have found that they are just like me, struggling to live and be spiritual. Honestly, I wish I had a good friend who is a Muslim.

Health – I have forgotten all about how the humidity affects my lungs, so I having to adjust to their complaints. Since the weather has changed to more humid summer days, I haven’t been feeling that well. Nothing bad though, I have been pretty crappy all year so far, so no big deal. I will hang in there.

Anywho, have a great weekend…


2 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Hah! What about the blog I showed you? 🙂

    And yay little kids! Must be even more exciting when they’re your own!

  2. Just dropping in. Take care.

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