Still Getting Along OK

Just checking in…I apologize to my readers who have commented on my last two posts. I have been a little apprehensive about responding back. I am just a little frustrated at my self and the subject of my anxiety disorder has been a tough thing to have a conversation about.

As for me, I am holding my own at the moment. What a drastic change in the way I think now, wow. No, I still don’t have it together, but, I do see myself in a new light. Now, I can make a choice to change. Something I really did not have control of. In a way, I am much happier. Although, in another way, it makes me sad. I mean, I have lived my whole life this way. I am kind of embarrassed by the fact that I put family and friends through all kinds drama created by my anxiety. Yeah, I couldn’t really help it but I did realize many (and I mean many) years ago that I true do have problems. I guess it took a real low point to finally discover it. Oh well, as I look on the bright side. I am getting help and seeing things differently.

Anyway, God willing, I will start moving forward with my life.

Thanks everyone for your support!


3 responses to “Still Getting Along OK

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re getting things under control. I’m rooting for you!

  2. I wish You God’s blessings and more going forward with Your life way.
    “The light of the eyes rejoiceth the heart: [and] a good report maketh the bones fat.” (Proverbs 15, 30).

  3. Nice to see you are moving on.

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