Did I finally get help? Sure did!

Hi everyone! In my last post I talked about going to the ER to get checked out. Well, the next day things hit rock bottom. I lost control and headed to the ER once again.

Yes, I was a real a mess. I spent 11 days in the Psychiatric Care Unit at the hospital for depression.  It sure was a long stay but I am a lot better. Now I am going to partial hospitalization which is pretty much psychiatric care but I get to go home at night. I have many weeks of this so not sure when it will finish. Work has been cooperative so that has been great.

Not much to say at the moment on this. It has been some kind of journey, that’s for sure. I do have quite a few things I need to deal with and come to grips with many new diagnoses. Pretty much one being chronic and the others being with me from childhood.

So, thanks so much for everyone’s’ continued support. I am getting better.


3 responses to “Did I finally get help? Sure did!

  1. I am so proud of you, James, for doing what needs to be done to best take care of yourself. Sending love and support from across the ocean.

  2. Thinking of you and sending my best wishes for smoother times ahead. Glad you did what needed to be done.
    Hannah (aka Ilana-Davita)

  3. James – tried to post this in the morning but didn’t work. But it’s never too late :]. As Elisheva said, I am also so proud of you–and I am especially proud that you are sharing your story and helping to be a piece of reducing the stigma around talking about mental health and how it impacts your life. Seeking help and spreading the word, you are doing Good Things, and I hope to hear of even more goodness coming your way as you enter this next chapter of your life. Wanted to share this with you as it immediately came to mind when reading this post:

    “even in the midst of our own struggles, we can offer encouragement. even during our personal low periods, we can continue to try and be a mentor to those around us. If we are honest about what we are facing, we can offer hope to others that they are not alone.”
    -–john wooden

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