Still getting it done

Hi everyone! I’m still here and doing all I can to make my life better. It’s been been a little rocky the last few weeks but I am surviving.

I am on my third week back to work. My doctor thought it was best that I start out four hours a day first week, six hours a day the second week, and no restriction after that. So, this week is back to my normal work week.

My first day back I was slammed with an unexpected meeting. Not only that, I found out quickly that I didn’t have a desk because someone was occupying it. Heck, I didn’t have a desk at all and was shipped off the the training room.

The meeting was horrible. My boss stripped me of my security clearance, keys, and administration capabilities. I even had to admit a major job performance failure which I am not sure what would of happened if I didn’t. I guess by doing so it justified stripping me of a job I held for thirteen years. I also was told to think of this as starting over as a new job.

Really not sure what the motive was but that is how the first hour went on the first day back. Gosh, I was emotional the whole time. Just could not believe how mean my boss was being to me. Sad part, he honestly thought he was helping me. He kept trying to reinforce that he is doing all this to help me. Honestly, didn’t help me one bit.

He is right about putting me on less stressful duty. I can’t really handle it. Did he really need to strip me of everything though and humiliate me by stuffing in a closet (so to speak). Honestly, I thought the whole thing was demeaning and my feelings were hurt.

Right now, I am slowly getting past the anger and hurt. They have me doing odd tasks, but I am doing the tasks well. However, the whole time the new IT guy and a IT consultant work on some major upgrades to the network. That is something I would have been doing. Yes, it is disheartening to see them at work.

Oh well, I had a gut feeling this was going to happen. Sadly, I hate being right. Well, at least I still have a job. It sure is better than none.

Other than that, training for the marathon in October is going well. I also have been doing some cycling. Something that I truly like to do, I just love riding. Plus, all this exercising is helpful with me lungs and brain.

I still haven’t lost hope for a bright future. I just need to work hard to get better.

Thanks for reading.


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