Friday Ramblings

Yes, a new installment of Friday Ramblings. This blog post used to be, for me anyway, the spotlight of this blog. Many moons ago I would write this post every Friday. I always liked it because there was no theme, just me rambling.

How has my week been? A real struggled. Actually, I am kind of slipping a little bit. Not that I want to but there has been situations this week that have been very emotional for me. I have started shutting down and using my former coping mechanisms to battle what my mental disorder is throwing at me. Sadly, the old coping mechanism is not very health and I just don’t want to be using it. Actually, it didn’t help in the past because it contributed to my stay in the hospital.

Yeah, I am very mindful of the situation, but knowing is one thing, changing my behavior patterns to a much more healthier way to cope, is a much harder thing.

However, with all that is going on, I am pushing through anyway and calling it a speed bump. My feelings might get out of hand sometimes but it doesn’t last.

On a brighter note, I am doing really well in my training. Not exactly following my training schedule but I think I’ve been productive none the less. Get a lot of foot mileage and bike mileage in. The bike has really made a difference in my cardio, I can move a lot more oxygen to the muscles now, even when restricted by asthma. I am still mindful of over-training and take rest brakes on schedule. Oh, as an added bonus, I’ve been loosing weight.

All in all, my exercise is good for my brain and my lungs.

Well, that’s enough rambling.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.


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