Friday Ramblings

Whew, what a week. Hi everyone, it’s finally Friday.

My week started out really well. I decided to pick Monday morning as a good time to get my blood work done. I see my GP next Monday so I wanted to make sure he got the results he needed in time. I would think a week would be sufficient. Basically, I think he wants to see if I need another Reclast treatment for my Paget’s disease. It is close to a year since the infusion so it is over due to check the progress. Hopefully my alkaline phosphates are at tolerable levels. I am training for a century bike ride and having an infusion of Reclast again might hinder my success. Here is hoping for the best.

Oh, speaking of blood work. I had a break through. I was not afraid to get my blood work done. I just asked for a butterfly needle, sat in the chair, closed my eyes, and let it happen. Few minutes later, it was all done. I am so proud of myself. I hope this trend continues.

The rest of the week has been tough. I am been an emotional wreck caused by an unsuspecting trigger on Tuesday. It would seem that I am still having difficulties with being replaced by someone else. The person that wears my shoes is doing great, but it is painful to watch. Maybe, in time I can get past this. It’s not his fault. This would be a tough situation for anyone. I think most in my position would find other employment, but where am I going to go. I am not the very educated and the young college grads need jobs too. I am just not qualified for the job I do now. I was just extremely lucky to work were I work. I don’t mean to cut myself down, but these are the facts. When you add the stigma of mental illness into the mix, I’m afraid my options even get narrower. However, I have made it this far, one never knows what the future might bring if I try. As I recover from my illness, I am going to try. Not only for the wellbeing of my family, but for me also.

I think I will talk about my training. So far so good with training for the century ride. I should have gotten in some miles before the weekend in but it has been so hot here. I could be working on my core but I have never really been that motivated to do that. I think I should because it would help my riding posture and stamina. Hey, let’s just say this is a work in progress (Hehe). I am riding well and getting stronger.

This weekend is 65 miles. I am thinking about using the same route as I did two weeks ago with some slight variations at the beginning of the route. There is one road section that has dogs chasing me, big ones. I just don’t feel like out sprinting them and risking injury. I still have a long way to go in strengthening my legs for the RPMs needed for out sprinting big dogs. Best to avoid them.

Well, that’s about all the time I have.

Have a great weekend and take care of yourselves. Hugs


2 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. So proud of the blood thing! Wanna donate blood with me one time? 🙂

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