Monthly Archives: November 2012

Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone! It’s been an exhausting week. I tried to sleep as much as I could but still couldn’t get caught up on rest. I guess it was that late night on Saturday when I had a server go down at work and spent a long time with Tech support to get it back. Fortunately, it was salvageable and we got it running again. It was very stressful none the less and I guess it took its toll on me. The weekend is almost here and I will try to get the rest I need.

I saw a new therapist this week. It would seem that my last therapist skipped town on me and retired. My new therapist and I had a good visit. This session was orientation and she penciled me in for next week for actual counseling. I told her that she has permission to really push me and not to let me avoid the hard questions. I am really good at trying to change the subject and not getting to the heart of the question. I think we would be wasting our time if I didn’t go there. I really hope this new therapist can make a difference.

My lugs. They suck. I guess I have a new baseline now. I wish I could say it was higher but I wouldn’t get that lucky. No, this is significantly lower. I am adjusting but it sure is uncomfortable. My doctor blames it on my not being very compliant with my medication. Well, I haven’t seen my medication do a very good job for me anyway. Heck, I have even gotten worse over the summer. I am med complaint right at the moment and not really seeing much difference. However, I won’t count out my doctor for being right. I will work on med compliancy and see what happens.

Even though life has been roughing me up, all in all, I am doing pretty well and getting by.

Have a great weekend!