Friday Ramblings

Hi everyone! It’s been an exhausting week. I tried to sleep as much as I could but still couldn’t get caught up on rest. I guess it was that late night on Saturday when I had a server go down at work and spent a long time with Tech support to get it back. Fortunately, it was salvageable and we got it running again. It was very stressful none the less and I guess it took its toll on me. The weekend is almost here and I will try to get the rest I need.

I saw a new therapist this week. It would seem that my last therapist skipped town on me and retired. My new therapist and I had a good visit. This session was orientation and she penciled me in for next week for actual counseling. I told her that she has permission to really push me and not to let me avoid the hard questions. I am really good at trying to change the subject and not getting to the heart of the question. I think we would be wasting our time if I didn’t go there. I really hope this new therapist can make a difference.

My lugs. They suck. I guess I have a new baseline now. I wish I could say it was higher but I wouldn’t get that lucky. No, this is significantly lower. I am adjusting but it sure is uncomfortable. My doctor blames it on my not being very compliant with my medication. Well, I haven’t seen my medication do a very good job for me anyway. Heck, I have even gotten worse over the summer. I am med complaint right at the moment and not really seeing much difference. However, I won’t count out my doctor for being right. I will work on med compliancy and see what happens.

Even though life has been roughing me up, all in all, I am doing pretty well and getting by.

Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “Friday Ramblings

  1. Hi James,

    Glad to hear that you’re still standing strong. New lower baseline? There’s nothing they can do to bring it back up? That doesn’t sound fun.

    Sending good vibes,


    • My doctor just doesn’t want to try new meds so I’m not sure if I can get my baseline up. My current meds don’t seem to be cutting it. I try to tell him that I want to change things up but he won’t listen. Very frustrating for me.

      Good to here from you. Stay safe!

      • Why won’t he let you? That seems strange. He should want what’s best for you.
        Working on staying safe. For some reason I was naive enough to think I would be lucky enough to ride out this war without having to flee my apartment (for ten min. Provided there are no more bombs we can come back) and run to a bomb shelter. But I was wrong. Got to run for shelter today for the first time in about 5-6 years. Fun times. I’ll be okay though.

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