Friday Ramblings

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a week already. For me, the week flew by. I have been wanting to write some things but got a tad overwhelmed in thought and have yet to get it to print. Plus, I have been delving into my RC car racing this week. I have to admit, I learned a ton of mechanical theory on suspensions. I hope this helps me this spring when I get back into racing. I have learned that I had my car way out of adjustment. No wonder that car was hard to drive.

My convert story was posted on Islamwich. Theresa and Kaighla asked me if I’d like to write a convert story from a male point of view. I told them I would be glad to. I worked hard on this story. I kind of put myself out there more than I normally would. This is the first time I delved into my Christian life and some of the bad turns I made. It was liberating really. Hey, I also feel this is my best piece of writing yet. I have never said that I was a writer but I feel I’m getting better.

There was a couple of articles that had me thinking a lot this week. I spent a lot in thought about them. I think I will share them in my next post. I just need to get those thoughts out. It is important.

Anyway, this is going to be short.

Have a great weekend and a great week coming up.

Hey, may God love you all up!


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